Tournament Game for Clubs and Pubs

RAKPOKA™ is an easy to learn seven card poker style card game for 2 or more players ages 8 to adult. Unlike poker there is no bluffing or gambling involved in the game. Play is on a large, durable vinyl RAKPOKA™ mat using two traditional decks of mini (half sized) playing cards.
Each player, in turn, selects and lays combinations of traditional poker hands in a crossword fashion to secure the highest possible score. (Score sheets are printed on each side of the mat.) Scores can be doubled, trebled, quadrupled or quintupled by laying hands over Bonus Squares (labelled x2, x3 and x4). A maximum of five cards can be laid in a single row on any given turn.
The game begins by laying 7 communal random cards across the white (RAK) squares on the centre of the mat. Players may then, in turn, build (POKA) hands of up to 5 cards off of the RAK cards.
We have found that when the game is played publicly on our large A0 mat, lots of interest is generated and onlookers are able to easily follow the game as both the cards and mat are easily visible over the shoulders of the players. Often those onlookers will also wish to play once they discover how easily the game can be mastered.
We are currently developing a giant garden version along the lines of giant chess and draughts games which will be suitable for fetes, fairs or festivals. Players will be able to walk across the mat to lay their giant cards. Watch this space for more details.

Download Tournament knockout sheets for:
16 players
32 players
48 players
64 players

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Rules of RAKPOKA

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