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Welcome to Rakpoka® for iphone

The Rakpoka iphone App is a great new, (easy to learn) turn based mobile game which will appeal to both Poker and Crossword fans alike. Unlike poker, there is no bluffing involved in the game. The aim is to simply select the best possible cards from your card rack to form poker hands by adding them, (in a crossword fashion) onto cards already on the board. This is easily done, by dragging and dropping the chosen cards. Hands are laid to gain the maximum points possible. Scores are multiplied when laid across “Bonus Squares” and points are gained by forming valid poker hands either vertically, horizontally or both.

Jokers are “wild cards” but they attract a minimum of a 20 point penalty for each hand formed, this will be multiplied if it is placed on a coloured bonus square. So the idea is to be prudent and minimise the penalty. Each player gets two Jokers.

Choose between “Friendly” mode or timed Random “Ranked” and “Adrenaline” modes for the more competitive player. Ranked have a maximum of 3 minutes between turns. Adrenaline = maximum of 1 minute between turns. The two timed modes allow players to win more coins based on a pre-set 5 or 10 coin bet, winner takes all. By playing “Ranked” or “Adrenaline” games users can accrue points which will generate a “Ranking” which will be entered onto the users’ “Statistics” page. Top ranking players are automatically entered onto the Rakpoka “Leader Board”. Ranked games can only be played with random opponents.

Free coins are given for each 24 hour period but additional “coin bundles” can be purchased from the Rakpoka Store.

Users can invite friends to play, either by facebook or by email. Receive notifications when it’s your turn and chat to your friends whilst you play. Alternatively choose a random player from the systemto boost your ranking. Background colours for the board can be changed to suit users via the settings tab.

How to invite or create a friendly game using your Facebook friends.

(1) Select
Create Game

 (2) Select

 (3) Select
Invite Friend

 (4) Select
a Facebook Friend

General Gameplay

Seven cards are dealt to each player and seven cards are dealt to the RAK across the centre of the board. Player 1 selects up to five cards from his/her rack and adds them to form a POKA hand, onto any of the RAK cards. Hands can only be laid in a straight line and must contain no more than five cards. Cards are laid horizontally or vertically, never diagonally. See example sceenshots below.


 Gerry to play

Gerry lays two pairs

 Double tap top zoom in

Gerry scores 27 points

Scores can be multiplied by laying valid hands over the Bonus Squares , and .

Player 2 must then lay valid poker hand/s onto any cards already on the board. Cards can be added to simultaneously form several hands with adjoining cards.

Hands must be laid “in order”, so for example, if a player lays “Two Pairs” of Ace’s and 8’s they must be laid as A,A,8,8 or 8,8,A,A not A,8,A,8 or similar.


 Gerry scored 27 points

 Dahlia lays a straight

Double tap top zoom in

Dahlia scores 54 points

Similarly if a player lays a “Straight” consisting of Ace through to 5, they must be laid as A,2,3,4,5 or 5,4,3,2,A and not 5,A,3,4,2 or similar. A Flush can be laid in any order.

Players can pass or swap any cards from the deck on his or her turn but this uses a turn. The joker cannot be swapped with cards from the deck.


 Dahlia scored 54 points

Gerry swaps 3 cards

Confirmed swap

Its now Dahlia's go

 Gerry swapped 3 cards

 Dahlia lays a full house

 Double tap to zoom in

 Dahlia scores 36 points

The Joker Rule

Jokers are “Wild Cards” but they attract a penalty of minus 20 points for each hand claimed and in any direction. If a Joker has been laid and “named”, it will remain as that card for the remainder of the game. If a Joker is laid on a Bonus Square, the 20 point deduction will be multiplied by the number appearing on that square.

Players may add onto a Joker that is already on the board without paying the 20 point penalty.

If a player can benefit from exchanging one of his/her own cards for a Joker already on the board, this can be done on his/her turn but only if he/she holds the “named”card. This will use a turn and a 20 point penalty must be paid. Players may also swap their joker for any card already on the board. This will use a turn and a 20 point penalty must be paid.

Game End

The game ends when either player has played all their cards and there are no cards remaining in the deck OR if there are no cards in the deck but both players pass twice consecutively.

If a game ends and one or both players still have cards in their rack they will have the face values of those remaining cards deducted from their total score. Picture cards hold 10 points, Aces hold 11 points and Jokers hold 20 points. The winner is the person with the highest score after all deductions have been made.


Players can resign the game after it has begun. If a player ends a Ranked or Adrenaline game by resigning, they will automatically forfeit the coins that were bet at the beginning of the match and they receive no points toward their ranking. The player who wins by default will receive points based on their current score.

Game Types

There are three modes of gameplay on the Rakpoka App:

Friendly - You can search for friends to play with via Facebook or email in friendly mode. You can also play a Random Opponent and the server will allocate the next available player. There is no time limit between play on Friendly games. For Friendly games there is a 2 coin table fee (not a bet) and you do not receive any Rank points for Friendly games.

Ranked - You are randomly assigned an opponent on Ranked games. There is a 3 minute timer on each turn for this mode of gameplay and you receive points toward your general ranking. This mode of gameplay has a 5 coin bet.

Adrenaline - You are randomly assigned an opponent for Adrenaline games and there is a 1 minute timer on each turn for this mode of gameplay. You receive points toward your general ranking. This mode of gameplay has a 10 coin bet.


It costs coins to play any game. Friendly games cost 2 coins. Ranked games have a 5 coin fee and Adrenaline games have a 10 coin fee.

Each day users log on to play, players will be given 4 free coins.

If you run out of coins, more are available for purchase at the Rakpoka Shop.


Players are assigned a rank based on their past gameplay scores of Random Ranked and Andrenaline games. Your final score for these two types of games will be added as points and this number determines your rank.

For example, if a player finishes a Ranked game with 483 points, then 483 points will be added to their rank score, regardless of whether they have won or lost.

Stats and Leaderboard

Your personal stats can be seen by tapping the player profile box on the main menu.

You can find the Leaderboard by going into the stats screen and tapping the Leaderboard button. The leaderboard will show you the ten players with the highest points and your current position against everyone else.

Stats and Leaderboard

Score Chart and number of cards remaining in deck
Recall cards from board
Swap cards
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